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Wednesday's hours
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Wednesday's hours
9:00 am - 8:30 pm
Wednesday's hours
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday's hours
Wednesday's hours

New Items

Below are new titles added by the Lincoln Library during the  previous month for a few of our most popular circulating collections.You can connect to the Minuteman Library Network by clicking on the title to see if the item is available or to place a hold for it.

If you have any questions please call the Reference Department at 781-259-8465.

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New Fiction

Fiction - Abbott Abbott, Megan, Give me your hand
Fiction - Borman Borman, Tracy, The King's witch :;a novel
Fiction - Brown Brown, Dale, The Moscow offensive :;a novel
Fiction - Burke Burke, Alafair, The wife :;a novel of psychological suspense
Fiction - Butland Butland, Stephanie, The lost for words bookshop
Fiction - Faye Faye, Gaël, Small country :;a novel
Fiction - Finley Finley, Jeremy, The darkest time of night
Fiction - Ford Ford, Elaine, This time might be different :;stories from Maine
Fiction - Frank Frank, Dorothea Benton, By invitation only :;a novel
Fiction - Franqui Franqui, Leah, America for beginners
Fiction - Freiman Freiman, Lexi, Inappropriation
Fiction - Gessen Gessen, Keith, A terrible country :;a novel
Fiction - Gologorsky Gologorsky, Beverly, Every body has a story:;a novel
Fiction - Goolrick Goolrick, Robert, The dying of the light :;a novel
Fiction - Homes Homes, A. M., Days of awe
Fiction - Hotchner Hotchner, A. E., The amazing adventures of Aaron Broom :;a novel
Fiction - Hurt Hurt, Bryan, Everyone wants to be ambassador to France
Fiction - Kleine Kleine, Andrea, Eden :;a novel
Fiction - Mallery Mallery, Susan, When we found home
Fiction - Meyerson Meyerson, Amy, The bookshop of yesterdays
Fiction - Monroe Monroe, Mary Alice, Beach house reunion
Fiction - Moran Moran, Caitlin, How to be famous :;a novel
Fiction - Moshfegh Moshfegh, Ottessa, My year of rest and relaxation
Fiction - Oates Oates, Joyce Carol, Night-gaunts :;and other tales of suspense
Fiction - Painter Painter, Nell Irvin, Old in art school :;a memoir of starting over
Fiction - Parkin Parkin, Cassandra Winter's chil
Fiction - Pearce Pearce, A. J. Dear Mrs. Bird :;a novel
Fiction - Perri Perri, Camille, When Katie met Cassidy
Fiction - Reardon Reardon, Bryan, The real Michael Swann :;a novel
Fiction - Rindell Rindell, Suzanne, Eagle & crane
Fiction - Rizzuto Rizzuto, Rahna R., Shadow child
Fiction - Rosenberg Rosenberg, Jordy, Confessions of the fox :;a novel
Fiction - Ryan Ryan, Donal, From a low and quiet sea
Fiction - Schami Schami, Rafik, Sophia, or The Beginning of All Tales
Fiction - Silva Silva, Daniel, The other woman
Fiction - Slouka Slouka, Mark, All that is left is all that matters :;stories
Fiction - Tan Tan, Lucy, What we were promised
Fiction - Tyler Tyler, Anne, Clock dance
Fiction - Vigan Vigan, Delphine de, Based on a true story
Fiction - Williams Williams, Beatriz, The summer wives
Fiction - Wolfe Wolfe, Jennifer, Watch the girls
Fiction - Wood Wood, James, Upstate

  New Nonfiction


028 Prose Prose, Francine, What to read and why
070.4 Barclay Barclay, Donald A., Fake news, propaganda, and plain old lies :;
155.9 Dasgupta Dasgupta, Amitava, The science of stress management :
158 Ruiz Ruiz, Miguel, The three questions :
263 Mullins Mullins, Edwin, The four roads to heaven :;
302.1 Parker Parker, Priya, The art of gathering :
303.4 Pinker Pinker, Steven, Enlightenment now :;
305.5 Quart Quart, Alissa, Squeezed :;
305.8 DiAngelo DiAngelo, Robin J., White fragility :
306.0973 Brill Brill, Steven, Tailspin :;
306.0973 Fallows Fallows, James M., Our towns :;
306.2 Kakutani Kakutani, Michiko, The death of truth :;
306.2 Nussbaum Nussbaum, Martha Craven, The monarchy of fear :;
306.76 Duberman Duberman, Martin B., Has the gay movement failed?
327.12 Clapper Clapper, James R. Facts and fears :;
327.12 Reel Reel, Monte, A brotherhood of spies :;
330.9 Yueh Yueh, Linda Y. What would the great economists do? :;
330.954 Crabtree Crabtree, James, The billionaire raj :;
331.2 Lowrey Lowrey, Annie, Give people money :
338.7 Carreyrou Carreyrou, John, Bad blood :;
342.73 Tribe Tribe, Laurence H., To end a presidency :
355.5 Ambinder Ambinder, Marc, The brink :
362.1 Offit Offit, Paul A., Bad advice :;
363.17 Vollmann Vollmann, William T., Carbon ideologies
363.34 Klein Klein, Naomi, The Battle for paradise :;
363.73 Griswold Griswold, Eliza, Amity and Prosperity :;
364.152 Collins Collins, Paul, Blood & ivy :;
364.152 Fox Fox, Margalit, Conan Doyle for the defense :
551.5 Wohlleben Wohlleben, Peter, The weather detective :;
598 Wills Wills, Simon A history of birds
599.5 Pyenson Pyenson, Nick, Spying on whales :;s
612.4 Epstein Epstein, Randi Hutter, Aroused :
613 Baum Baum, Neil, How's it hanging? :;
613.7 Angell Angell, Harri, Pilates for living :;
614.564 Knauer Knauer, Ian, The farm cooking school :;
615.9 Hanna-Attisha Hanna-Attisha, Mona, What the eyes don't see :;
641.5 Battilana Battilana, Jessica, Repertoire :;all the recipes you need
641.578 Hanel Hanel, Marnie, The campout cookbook :
641.69 Kerr Kerr, Jean, Mystic cookbook :;r
759.4 SARGENT Herdrich Herdrich, Stephanie L., Sargent :;the masterworks
780.92 BERNSTEIN, L. Bernstein Bernstein, Jamie, Famous father girl :
780.92 GRATEFUL Selvin Selvin, Joel, Fare thee well :;
780.92 ROGERS HAMMERSTEIN Purdum Purdum, Todd S., Something wonderful :;
791.43029 FISHER FAMILY Fisher Fisher, Todd, My girls :;
791.43029 Lynch Lynch, David, Room to dream
792.8 Alford Alford, Henry, And then we danced :;
796.334 Bensinger Bensinger, Ken Red Card: 
824 Bass Bass, Rick. The Traveling Feast :;
824 Santopietro Santopietro, Tom, Why To kill a mockingbird matters :;
824 Stern Stern, Amanda, Little panic :;dispatches from an anxious life
827 Hall Hall, Donald, A carnival of losses :;notes nearing ninety
827 How   How lovely the ruins 
827 Scottoline Scottoline, Lisa, I see life through rosé-colored glasses
910.4 Rosenbloom Rosenbloom, Stephanie, Alone time :;
920 WYNDHAMS Renton Renton, Claudia, Those wild Wyndhams :;
921 BURCKETT, D.M. Burckett-Picker Burckett-Picker, Jenifer Dad and Dunk in the Great War
921 Hersh Hersh, Seymour M., Reporter :;a memoir
921 Iftin Iftin, Abdi Nor, Call me American :;a memoir
921 MARCIANO Stanton Stanton, Mike, Unbeaten :;Rocky Marciano's 
921 McCain McCain, John, The restless wave :;
921 Pataki Pataki, Allison, Beauty in the broken places :
941.3 Robb Robb, Graham, The debatable land :;
944.9 Mayle Mayle, Peter, My twenty-five years in Provence :;
973.7 Abrams Abrams, Dan, Lincoln's last trial :;
973.7 Dickey Dickey, Jeff, Rising in flames :;
973.932 Pfeiffer Pfeiffer, Dan, Yes we (still) can :;
973.933 Fox Fox, Emily Jane, Born Trump :
974.5 Warren Warren, James A., God, war, and providence :



DVD - Assistant   The assistant
DVD - Back   Back to Burgundy
DVD - Belle   Belle epoque
DVD - Bombshell   Bombshell
DVD - Chappaquiddick   Chappaquiddick
DVD - Class   Class rank
DVD - Coco   Coco
DVD - Court   Court
DVD - Cry   Cry, the beloved country
DVD - Divine   Divine order
DVD - Double   Double lover =;L'Amant double
DVD - East   John Steinbeck's East of Eden
DVD - Game   Game night
DVD - Girl   The girl without hands
DVD - Hostiles   Hostiles
DVD - I   I kill giants
DVD - In   Bar bahar =;In between
DVD - Isle   Isle of dogs
DVD - Jasper   Jasper Jones
DVD - Just   Just Charlie
DVD - Maze   Maze runner.;The death cure
DVD - Rebecka [TV Series Series 1]   Rebecka Martinsson.;Series 1
DVD - Red   Red sparrow
DVD - Same   Same blod =;Sami blood
DVD - Thoroughbreds   Thoroughbreds
DVD - Virgin   The Virgin Sprin
DVD - Winchester   Winchester
DVD - Young   The young Karl Marx


New Mysteries

Mystery - Atherton Atherton, Nancy, Aunt Dimity and the king's ransom
Mystery - Bannister Bannister, Jo, Kindred spirits
Mystery - Barrett Barrett, Lorna, Poisoned pages
Mystery - Billingham Billingham, Mark, The killing habit
Mystery - Black Black, Cara, Murder on the Left Bank
Mystery - Carlisle Carlisle, Kate, Buried in books
Mystery - Doiron Doiron, Paul, Stay hidden
Mystery - French French, Nicci, Day of the dead :;a novel
Mystery - Johansen Johansen, Iris, Double blind
Mystery - Kidd Kidd, Cornelia, Death and a pot of chowder
Mystery - Melville Melville, Alan, Weekend at Thrackley
Mystery - Pattison Pattison, Eliot, Savage liberty :;

New Large Print Books

LT - Allnutt Allnutt, Luke, We own the sky :;a novel
LT - Anderson Anderson, Kent, Green sun
LT - Backman Backman, Fredrik, Us against you
LT - Chen Chen, Katherine J. Mary
LT - Cussler Cussler, Clive, The gray ghost
LT - Delaney Delaney, JP, Believe me
LT - Gable Gable, Michelle, The summer I met Jack
LT - Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Elin, The perfect couple :;a novel
LT - Jacobs Jacobs, Nova, The last equation of Isaac Severy :
LT - King King, Stephen, The outsider
LT - Macomber Macomber, Debbie, Cottage by the sea :;a novel
LT - Mah Mah, Ann, The lost vintage :;a novel
LT - Masterton Masterton, Graham, The red hotel :;a Sissy Sawyer novel
LT - Orange Orange, Tommy, There there
LT - Pearson Pearson, Allison, How hard can it be?
LT - Preston Preston, Douglas J., The pharaoh key
LT - Roberts Roberts, Nora, Shelter in place
LT - Sharp Sharp, Adrienne, The magnificent Esme Wells
LT - Steadman Steadman, Catherine, Something in the water :;a novel
LT - Walker Walker, Sarai, Dietland
LT - Walsh Walsh, Rosie, Ghosted :;a novel
LT - Weisberger Weisberger, Lauren, When life gives you lululemons
LT - White White, Karen Dreams of Fallin
LT - Wiggs Wiggs, Susan, Between you & me :;a novel
LT - Woods Woods, Stuart, Turbulence
LT 306.6 Ehrenreich Ehrenreich, Barbara, Natural causes :;
LT 327.12 Clapper Clapper, James R. Facts and fears :
LT Myst - Brown Brown, Rita Mae, Probable claws
LT Myst - Horowitz Horowitz, Anthony, The word is murder :;a novel
LT Myst - Ingridason Arnaldur Indriðason, The Shadow Killer
LT Myst - King King, Laurie R., Island of the Mad :
LT Myst - Wilson Wilson, Andrew, A different kind of evil
LT Myst Clinton Clinton, Bill, The president is missing 

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