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Native American Indian Land, History, People

A collection of resources by and about the Indigenous Peoples of New England & America

A work in progress created by Kate Tranquada & Lisa Rothenberg with the help of the Friday Morning Book Group, 2020-2021 

What we read and discussed 2020 - 2021

Some of the films we watched 2020-2021

Indigenous Peoples Day   

Indigenous People in Massachusetts: A Library Guide from the Robbins Library in Arlington, MA


Land Acknowledgment 

"If you're not mindful of what you are doing, then, you are turning a land acknowledgement into a token. It becomes an empty gesture to "honor" Native people. It becomes this century's mascot."  

  • Native Land App - input location to find original people there (ongoing updates)

"Native Land Disclaimer : 

This map does not represent or intend to represent official or legal boundaries of any Indigenous nations. To learn about definitive boundaries, contact the nations in question.  

Also, this map is not perfect -- it is a work in progress with tons of contributions from the community. Please send us fixes if you find errors.

If you would like to read more about the ideas behind Native Land or where we are going, check out the blog. You can also see the roadmap."  



Native Reads - Great Books from Indigenous Communities  


Documents & Reading 


Oral Histories & Interviews 


Museums & Tours 

Memory Lands Program

Archaeology Collection 

Wampanoag Voices Online Exhibit

"Repatriating Native American Remains: Disputes over the disposition of sensitive collections shadow Peabody Museum" Harvard Magazine, Sep/Oct 2021 




Indigenous Peoples Day   

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