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New Items

Below are new titles added by the Lincoln Library during the  previous month for a few of our most popular circulating collections. Connect to the Minuteman Library Network by clicking on the title to see if the item is available or to place a hold for it.

If you have any questions please call the Reference Department at 781-259-8465

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 New Fiction


Fiction - Alexander Alexander, T. J., Chef's kiss 
Fiction - Ali Ali, Monica, Love marriage
Fiction - Andrews Andrews, Mary Kay, The homewreckers
Fiction - Barnhill Barnhill, Kelly Regan, When women were dragons 
Fiction - Baume Baume, Sara, Seven steeples
Fiction - Birch Birch, Tony, The white girl 
Fiction - Bohjalian Bohjalian, Chris, The lioness
Fiction - Brenner Brenner, Jamie, Blush 
Fiction - Brown Brown, Janelle, I'll be you 
Fiction - Brown Brown, Taylor, Wingwalkers
Fiction - Canas Cañas, Isabel, The hacienda
Fiction - Chadburn Chadburn, Melissa, A tiny upward shove
Fiction - Close Close, Jennifer, Marrying the ketchups 
Fiction - Day Day, Elizabeth, Magpie
Fiction - Diaz Díaz, Hernán, Trust
Fiction - Ditlevsen Ditlevsen, Tove Irma Margit, The faces
Fiction - Fortune Fortune, Carley, Every summer after
Fiction - Garmus Garmus, Bonnie, Lessons in chemistry 
Fiction - Gerritsen Gerritsen, Tess, Choose me
Fiction - Glass Glass, Julia, Vigil Harbor
Fiction - Green Green, Jane, Sister stardust
Fiction - Hart Hart, Michelle, We do what we do in the dark
Fiction - Henry Henry, Emily, Book lovers
Fiction - Hepworth Hepworth, Sally, The younger wife
Fiction - Herron Herron, Mick, Bad actors
Fiction - Hoover Hoover, Colleen, Verity
Fiction - Hua Hua, Vanessa, Forbidden city
Fiction - Huneven Huneven, Michelle, Search 
Fiction - Jimenez Jimenez, Abby, Part of your world
Fiction - Katsu Katsu, Alma, The fervor 
Fiction - Kawakami Kawakami, Mieko, All the Lovers in the Night
Fiction - Knight Knight, Eliza, The Mayfair bookshop 
Fiction - Kurkov Kurkov, AndreÄ­, Grey bees
Fiction - Lazar Lazar, Zachary, The apartment on Calle Uruguay 
Fiction - Mandel Mandel, Emily St. John, Sea of Tranquility
Fiction - McMahon McMahon, Jennifer, The children on the hill
Fiction - McTiernan McTiernan, Dervla, The murder rule 
Fiction - Meyer Meyer, Deon, The dark flood
Fiction - Morrison Morrison, Boyd, The lawless land
Fiction - Newman Newman, Leigh, Nobody gets out alive 
Fiction - Novic Nović, Sara, True biz
Fiction - O'Callaghan O'Callaghan, Billy, Life sentences
Fiction - O'Leary O'Leary, Beth, The no-show
Fiction - Parks Parks, Alan, May God forgive
Fiction - Patel Patel, Vaishnavi, Kaikeyi 
Fiction - Patterson Patterson, James, 22 seconds
Fiction - Quick Quick, Amanda, When she dreams
Fiction - Richardson Richardson, Kim Michele, The book woman's daughter
Fiction - Rigetti Rigetti, Susan, Cover story
Fiction - Rollins Rollins, James, Kingdom of bones 
Fiction - Roorbach Roorbach, Bill, Lucky turtle 
Fiction - Rothchild Rothchild, Sascha, Blood sugar
Fiction - Saint Saint, Jennifer, Elektra
Fiction - Sin Sin, Kyŏng-suk, Violets
Fiction - Smith Smith, Ali, Companion piece
Fiction - Spencer Spencer, Kate, In a New York minute
Fiction - Stibbe Stibbe, Nina, One day I shall astonish the world
Fiction - Stringfellow Stringfellow, Tara M., Memphis 
Fiction - Stuart Stuart, Douglas, Young Mungo 
Fiction - Thayer Thayer, Nancy, Summer love 
Fiction - Toltz Toltz, Steve, Here goes nothing
Fiction - Trigiani Trigiani, Adriana, The good left undone 
Fiction - Van Niekerk Van Niekerk, Colleen, A conspiracy of mothers 
Fiction - Van Pelt Van Pelt, Shelby, Remarkably bright creatures 
Fiction - Waters Waters, John, Liarmouth 
Fiction - Weiner Weiner, Jennifer, The summer place
Fiction - Weir Weir, Alison, The last white rose 
Fiction - Wiley Wiley, Soon, When we fell apart 
Fiction - Winn Winn, Karen, Our little world 
Fiction - Winslow Winslow, Don, City on fire 

    New Nonfiction

153.6 Guzman Guzmán, Mónica I never thought of it that way 
155.4 Schwartz Schwartz, Sandi, Finding ecohappiness
155.9 Fox Fox, James, The world according to color 
155.9 Johnson Johnson, Earl, Finding comfort during hard times 
155.9 Nagoski Nagoski, Emily, Burnout 
156 Butterworth Butterworth, Brian, Can fish count? 
193 Anderson Anderson, Nate, In emergency, break glass 
289.92 Chryssides Chryssides, George D., Jehovah's witnesses
299 Beyer Beyer, Rebecca Wild witchcraft 
303.4 Smil Smil, Vaclav, How the world really works 
306.36 Manjapra Manjapra, Kris, Black ghost of empire 
320.53 Rachman Rachman, Gideon, The age of the strongman 
321.8 Mounk Mounk, Yascha, The great experiment 
324.6 Holder Holder, Eric H., Our unfinished march
327.73 Stent Stent, Angela. The limits of partnership
331.8 Kelly Kelly, Kim, Fight like hell 
338.7 Mickle Mickle, Tripp After Steve
363.12 Koepcke Koepcke, Juliane When I Fell From the Sky
363.73 Berners-Lee Berners-Lee, Mike The Carbon Footprint of Everything 
364.1 Gleeson Gleeson, John, The Gotti Wars 
364.152 Miles Miles, Kathryn, Trailed
368.4 Smith Smith, David Barton, The power to heal 
576.8 Black Black, Riley, The last days of the dinosaurs 
582.16 Wohlleben Wohlleben, Peter, Forest walking 
591 Aryee Aryee, Patrick, 30 animals that made us smarter 
598.9 Montgomery Montgomery, Sy, The hawk's way 
613 McBride McBride, Hillary L., The wisdom of your body 
613.25 Perrine Perrine, Stephen, The whole body reset 
614.4 Price Price, Polly J., Plagues in the nation
614.5 Gates Gates, Bill, How to prevent the next pandemic
616.831 Bloom Bloom, Amy, In love 
616.92 Kinderlehrer Kinderlehrer, Daniel A., Recovery from Lyme disease
616.97 Sicherer Sicherer, Scott H., The complete guide to food allergies in adults and children
616.99 Haynes Haynes, Harley A., The prostate cancer owner's manual 
635 Beresford-Kroeger Beresford-Kroeger, Diana, To speak for the trees 
635 Lorimer Lorimer, Uli, The Northeast native plant primer 
635 Marron Marron, Catie, Becoming a gardener 
635.9 Pavord Pavord, Anna, The seasonal gardener 
635.9 Sabharwal Sabharwal, Puneet, Happy plant 
640 Home   Home skills
640.286 Wright Wright, Bonnie, Go gently
641.563 Parker Parker, Scott/ Westman, Eric End Your Carb Confusion Cookbook 
641.563 Simply   Simply delicious diabetes cookbook 
641.578 Martin Martin, Pat, Life of fire :
641.59 KOREAN-AMERICAN Kim Kim, Eric Korean American 
641.59 MEXICAN Martinez Martínez, Rick Mi cocina 
641.59 MIDDLE EASTERN Assil Assil, Reem, Arabiyya 
641.86 Barron Barron, Frank Adrian, Sweet Paris 
641.8654 Taylor Taylor, Christopher A., Fabulous modern cookies
747 Henderson Henderson, Emily New Design Rules
759.1 HOMER Cross Cross, William R., Winslow Homer
780.92 Rainbow Rainbow, Randy, Playing with myself
781.43 Fischer Fischer, Paul The man who invented motion pictures 
791.43029 Davis Davis, Viola, Finding me
793.73 Jacobs Jacobs, A. J., The puzzler 
796.357 ROBINSON Kennedy Kennedy, Kostya, True 
796.5 Michaud-Skog Michaud-Skog, Summer, Fat girls hiking 
821 Vuong Vuong, Ocean, Time is a mother
824 Dyer Dyer, Geoff, The last days of Roger Federer
827 Klein Klein, Jessi, I'll show myself out 
828 Letter   Letter to a stranger 
828 Shattuck Shattuck, Ben, Six walks 
907 Cohen Cohen, Richard, Making history 
910.45 Thomson Thomson, Keith, Born to be hanged
914.06 Mortimer Mortimer, Ian, The time traveler's guide to Regency Britain 
915.7 Fick Fick, Emma, Border crossings
917.3 Hueneke Hueneke, Erika, Complete guide to the national parks 
917.4 Wessels Wessels, Tom, New England's roadside ecology 
917.944 Robinson Robinson, Kim Stanley, The High Sierra 
920 WINDSORS Brown Brown, Tina, The palace papers 
921 CHILD, J. Horowitz Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz, Warming up Julia Child
921 DiMarco DiMarco, Nyle, Deaf utopia 
921 Jagger Jagger, Steph, Everything left to remember 
921 KENNEDY, J.F. Updegrove Updegrove, Mark K., Incomparable grace 
921 McGrath McGrath, Ben, Riverman 
921 NORTON Fraser Fraser, Antonia, The case of the married woman 
921 Roem Roem, Danica, Burn the page 
921 SANDERS, B. Rabin-Havt Rabin-Havt, Ari, The fighting soul 
921 Verdelle Verdelle, A. J., Miss Chloe 
921 Vietze Vietze, Andrew, This wild land 
921 WALKER, A. Boyd Walker, Alice, Gathering blossoms under fire 
921 War Pyae Moe Thet War, You've changed 
947.086 Belton Belton, Catherine, Putin's people
947.7 Plokhy Plokhy, Serhii, The gates of Europe 
973.34 Urban Urban, Mark, Fusiliers 



BluRay - Quiet   A quiet place.;Part II
DVD - Around   Around the world in 80 days
DVD - Batman   The Batman
DVD - Cyrano   Cyrano
DVD - Game   Game 6
DVD - Great [TV Series. Season 2]   The Great
DVD - Journal   A journal for Jordan
DVD - King's   The king's daughter
DVD - Licorice   Licorice pizza
DVD - Lost   Lost in space
DVD - Mass   Mass
DVD - Moonfall   Moonfall
DVD - My [BBC Mystery Series 2]   My life is murder
DVD - Nightmare   Nightmare alley
DVD - North   The North water
DVD - Queens [ TV Series. Series 2]   Queens of mystery
DVD - So   So I married my anti-fan
DVD - World   The world to come
DVD 782.4 Summer   Summer of soul 
DVD 954 Writing   Writing with fire


New Mysteries


Mystery - Albert Albert, Susan Wittig, The Darling Dahlias and the red hot poker
Mystery - Allen Allen, Samantha Jayne, Pay dirt road
Mystery - Atherton Atherton, Nancy, Aunt Dimity and the enchanted cottage
Mystery - Booth Booth, Claire, Dangerous consquences
Mystery - Carcaterra Carcaterra, Lorenzo, Nonna Maria and the case of the missing bride
Mystery - Dawson Dawson, David C., A death in Bloomsbury
Mystery - Dolan-Leach Dolan-Leach, Caite, Dark circles
Mystery - Duncan Duncan, Emmeline, Double shot death
Mystery - Gray Gray, Claudia, The murder of Mr. Wickham 
Mystery - Holland Holland, Sam, The echo man 
Mystery - Lupica Lupica, Mike, Robert B. Parker's Revenge tour
Mystery - Martinez Martínez, Guillermo, The Oxford Brotherhood
Mystery - Miller Miller, Kirsten, The change 
Mystery - Nagendra Nagendra, Harini, The Bangalore Detectives Club
Mystery - Paretsky Paretsky, Sara, Overboard
Mystery - Popp Popp, Misha, Magic, lies, and deadly pie
Mystery - Scarlett Scarlett, Roger. Cat's paw
Mystery - Shelton Shelton, Paige, The burning pages
Mystery - Shemilt Shemilt, Jane, The patient 
Mystery - Siger Siger, Jeffrey, One last chance
Mystery - Skordeman Skördeman, Gustaf, Geiger
Mystery - Thorogood Thorogood, Robert, The Marlow Murder Club 
Mystery - Topdjian Topdjian, Carolyne, The hitman's daughter
Mystery - Trow Trow, M. J., Four thousand days


New Large Print Books

LT - Abbs Abbs, Annabel, Miss Eliza's English kitchen 
LT - Baldacci Baldacci, David, Dream town
LT - Benedict Benedict, Marie, Carnegie's maid
LT - Blackburn Blackburn, Lizzie Damilola, Yinka, where is your huzband?
LT - Brown Brown, Janelle I'll Be Yo
LT - Bulawayo Bulawayo, Noviolet Glor
LT - Carr Carr, Robyn, A family affair
LT - Egan Egan, Jennifer, The candy house
LT - Everhart Everhart, Donna, The saints of Swallow Hill
LT - Faulkner Faulkner, Katherine, Greenwich Park
LT - Fox Fox, Candice, The chase
LT - Garmus Garmus, Bonnie, Lessons in chemistry
LT - Graham Graham, Heather, Crimson Summer
LT - Green Green, Jane, Sister stardust
LT - Griffin Griffin, Anne, Listening still
LT - Harding Harding, Lisa, Bright burning things 
LT - Hepworth Hepworth, Sally, The younger wife
LT - Mandel Mandel, Emily St. John, Sea of Tranquility
LT - Margolin Margolin, Phillip, The darkest place
LT - Michaels Michaels, Fern, 19 Yellow Moon Road
LT - Michaels Michaels, Fern, Fear thy neighbor
LT - Morrey Morrey, Beth, Delphine Jones takes a chance
LT - O'Connell O'Connell, J. P., Hotel Portofino
LT - Pinborough Pinborough, Sarah, Insomnia 
LT - Robotham Robotham, Michael, When you are mine 
LT - Rollins Rollins, James, Kingdom of bones 
LT - Scottoline Scottoline, Lisa, What happened to the Bennetts
LT - Stringfellow Stringfellow, Tara M., Memphis 
LT - Stuart Stuart, Douglas, Young Mungo
LT - Trigiani Trigiani, Adriana, The good left undone
LT - Van Pelt Van Pelt, Shelby, Remarkably bright creatures
LT - Weiss Weiss, Elizabeth, The sisters sweet
LT - White White, Karen The shop on Royal Street
LT - Winslow Winslow, Don, City on fire
LT - Woods Woods, Stuart, A safe house
LT - Zgheib Zgheib, Yara, No land to light on 
LT - Zhang Zhang, Jenny, Four treasures of the sky
LT 155.2 Cain Cain, Susan, Bittersweet 
LT 158.1 Roberts Roberts, Robin, Brighter by the day 
LT 791.43029 Davis Davis, Viola, Finding me
LT 917.504 Perry Perry, Imani South to America
LT 921 ELIZABETH II Hardman Hardman, Robert, Queen of our times 
LT 921 Mead Mead, Rebecca, Home/land 
LT 940.54 Kershaw Kershaw, Alex, Against all odds 
LT Mystery - Atkins Atkins, Ace, Robert B. Parker's Bye bye baby
LT Mystery - Bannister Bannister, Jo, China roses
LT Mystery - Barrett Barrett, Lorna, A deadly deletion
LT Mystery - Blackburn Blackburn, Maggie, Little bookshop of murder
LT Mystery - Box Box, C. J. Shadows Reel
LT Mystery - Deveraux Deveraux, Jude, A relative murder
LT Mystery - Douglas Douglas, Claire Just like the other girls 
LT Mystery - Ellicott Ellicott, Jessica Murder in an English Glad
LT Mystery - Evanovich Evanovich, Janet, The recovery agent
LT Mystery - Giordano Giordano, Mario, Auntie Poldi and the lost Madonna 
LT Mystery - Hillerman Hillerman, Anne The Sacred Bridge
LT Mystery - Jance Jance, Judith A., Nothing to lose
LT Mystery - Kepler Kepler, Lars, The mirror man
LT Mystery - Leon Leon, Donna, Give unto others
LT Mystery - Paretsky Paretsky, Sara, Overboard 

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